Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The 201st Post! Yet another Trailer-Hike Adventure

Wowie, this is my 201st blog post. Do i really have that much to say? =P

I'm to happy that Daddy is the engine to my trailer this trip. That ride was faster and much smoother. Here we are on the way to the Dog Park first. Both Daddy and I are enjoying the view on the left.

Hey Mummy! Keep up!

At the Dog Park, i got nice back rubs from people...

And a mouth full of sand.

Anyway, we didn't stay there long. Mummy thought she heard there was a trail nearby so off we went... Daddy is staring that those towering metal structures. There's some humming coming from them...is it safe?

I spy something!

Investigate. Nothing there in the end. We did see a hare (large "rabbit") run off a bit further down the path though.

Wow. That sure is a lot of elec towers eh?

In the Stevens Creek Trail (doggy approved side), there are plenty of bridges over the streams.

This is my point of view.

Humans point of view.

Daddy and I walk off to the other side. The mountains in the distance are nice too...wonder how far I'll have to walk to get there. =P

Oops, Daddy and I stumble onto another bridge. This is a big one.

I can see better on this bridge.

Humans point of view.

On the other side, we pose with the Nasa Ames Research Centre in the background.

Can you see the hanger? Its the weird capsule shaped thing with a dark grey roof.

From my point of view. =P

I like the trail. Pity only half of it is open to doggies. The other half is not open to us furry dudes cos its used for biological research and water catchment i think.


Its ME said...

great outings and great blogging too, 201st congratulation and i will be back for more Benny's Adventure. Thanks to your mummy and daddy too. Both of them are enjoying themselves well. keep going, listen to your heart.

Trishas Trove said...

Hi Benny,
great to see you checking out nice new places .. it would be even greater if you could write a journal, but your Mum's doing a FANTASTIC job for you isn't she! Do keep blogging so we can keep up with all your adventures !

ocmist said...

Wow! 201st! And we thought we were doing good at 100! We love all your pictures of your travels. Keep up the fun adventures, Benny! OC and the Corgi Country Crew