Friday, 28 August 2009

The NEW Rope

Mummy says that my rope toy was getting gunky and funky and goopy and all that kind of stuff so she sneakily threw that one out while i was distracted with my new rope. I'm ok with long as i got one rope!!!

Here Daddy teases me with the new toy. See how fast my ears were twitching?

Yah, like I'm going to fall for that!

The humans attempt to entice me from another angle.

Gah! It worked but with the rope in my mouth, I, Benhur the Corgi Barbarian, will dig my claws into the carpet and put all my body weight into pulling it out of the grasp of the evil human! (Did i say evil? Oh, i meant, the nice human...daddy. Heh.)

I shall try again and again, until victory is mine! Even a single strand of the rope is triumph! You can hear the rope tearing!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!

Did i over do it? Nah, the rope gave up its ghost. Its just lying there. I'm the Rope King...bow at my paws!

Wow. It really is bowing at my paws. Cool!

Heh heh! I shall reign supreme over all ropes!

BWAHAHAHAHA! (Benny's maniacal laughing face)

Time to make this one all gunky and funky and goopy! =D


ocmist said...

Hi, Benny! Looks like you had a lot of fun with your new rope! I had a WAR (tug-a-war) with Mom the other day... Did you see it on our blog! It was fun while it lasted, but my little sister, Dott, got involved and since she is so testy lately and she gave me "THE LOOK," I ended up having to give it to her... :(

Oh, well, Mom says Dott won't want to play tug-a-war after she has her puppies in the next day or two.
I kind of feel sorry for her... she LOOKS miserable! BG

P.S. Come see my Rope War and compare notes!

Trishas Trove said...

Ahahaha .. love that big-eyed look !!! Looks like he's gonna have loads of fun with the new rope :)