Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Z-Ridges Rule!

I, Benhur !Xobile Setho, hereby announce that I declare that I love Z-Ridges Chews!

Here's what the bones look like:

The front of the pouch:

Oh boy, you HAVE to read the back? Can't you just give me the whole bone?

(Mummy: RUBBISH. See the instructions? For a dog Benny's size, he gets 1/2 a med bone. Too bad Benny.)

What? Half? Mummy...why?????

Daddy, can you tell her to be a more generous? Puhleez?

(Mummy: No hope. See your greedy eyes? Ha! I'm going to break it in half now...)

Fine. She wins. I got half a bone, which was still great (better say so, in case i get the minis!). Watch me chew and see my stance! =P


I give the Z-Ridges 4.5 bones out of 5. It is nutritious and yummy and good for my breath! The missing 0.5 is only cos its kinda pricey, but Pawsitive Sensations will be launching our own online store featuring this pawsome product very soon and with discount too so that more people can afford it! =)

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