Monday, 19 January 2009

GrandPa's 61st Birthday!

Last week, I went out with Grandpa and Grandma and Mummy! It was to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. He sure is an old man...mummy says he is about 8.7 doggy years old. Wah.... ah gong, not bad, you still looking youthful. =D

We went to the Marina Barrage. It was so far away and the drive there was dusty on the outside and there were so many big big trucks. The Marina itself was beautiful though. And with not many people there, I got to roam about and meet nice strangers too!

Hey Ah Gong! Mummy's taking a photo!

Ok, we pose. This is at the "lookout" thats next to the car park.! Yumm....are we going in? (mummy: you must be dreaming)

Ok fine. We walk onto the "gateway" that separates the reservoir from the seawater.

Here we eat! The humans had their lunch and I got mine too. Nice Ah Gong to feed me! =)

Ah Gong was trying to teach me how to pose. He says smiling is too goofy looking. Not "sey" enough? Especially since my tongue keeps hanging out. Hee...

Even Ah Gong couldn't help but laugh at me!

Last pose for the day! Happy birthday Ah Gong! I love you!

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Tibby said...

Happy birthday to your GrandPa!
It looks like you had a wonderful day together Benny!