Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sadness... A Tribute to Monty

Sadness filled my heart cos I saw Mummy's frown and felt her woes. Her got news that Monty had passed over the rainbow bridge this morning at 2.30am.

We are blessed to have known such a personable dog as Monty ( i call him grandpa). Monty was 11.5 years old. He was a funny character with a stubborn streak. He gave us "looks" and barked commands. He was the grandfather of the bunch and even showed his mettle by growling on saturday at us, a bunch of young-ling corgis who had invaded "his shop".

Dear grandpa Monty, we know that you had a good life and a loving owner. May God bless her and may you and her meet again on the other side. We love you forever! As a small tribute to Monty, we've dog-eared the index page of Pawsitive Sensations until the end of January.

Here are some nice photos of Montgomery Chew as we should remember him. =)


Lucky The Super Corgi! said...

O NO!!!! what happened?? shucks, i got some good shots of monty, i will post a memorial when i get back to singapore this friday.

Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

MUMMY:Oh dear. I just read. What happened? Will really miss him. He's such a huggable boy! Our condolences....

Me with Barn2, Clare and Marky

Yuki said...


Our condolences to Monty and his owner. He was such a sweet boy & we will always rem him...

Lurve, Yuki-Ma, Yuki-Pa, Yuki + Ninja

Tibby said...

Hello Benny,
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Monty. We will keep him and his family & friends in our thoughts.

Its ME said...

If you have only two hours left on earth and only one phone call to make, who will you call?

What are you waiting for?

Call .......

Monty and benny were friends,
Me and benny are friends,
So, Monty and Me were friends too, though we never meet face-to-face,

Miss one friend to fellowship,
Treasure present friends,
that's where our hearts longing for.
(silent, and listen to your heart benny, you can still hear Monty)

Its ME said...

He's a joy - our little joy.

Moments before Sprite,my dog, passed away, I looked into his eyes and promised him that we'd never forget him. And I think about him many times every day.

Sprite will never know all the good he did during his short visit on earth and the events he set in motion just by being himself, a dog to us humankind. Because of Sprite, I was moved to write this book"Rescuing Sprite" and so it's only fair that a portion of all the proceeds I receive from this book go to dog shelters and rescue groups across the nation, which are overwhelmed with Sprites and Griffens, another dog of mine, who are in desperate need of food, shelter, medical care, nd loving families willing to open their hearts to one of these babies-puppies. Rescued dogs, like all dogs, appreciate every kindness.

Nothing will ever replace our beloved Sprite or Pepsi or Griffen.

And in the end, we humans are the lucky ones.

Glad to me you, Benny and canine friends across the nation.

Its ME said...

To all mourning friends, sahre our feelings too at

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

AWWWW! I m soooo out of touch with the corgi world!

So sorry to hear abt Monty. My Mumsy absolutely loved him! Think she has some decent shots of Monty too but she is too tired to do anything but slp.

To Monty's owner, take care ya?