Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Its Chinese New Year!

Woohoo! Chinese New Year! Do you know what that means? There's plenty of food, loads of visitors and friends, angpaos galore! And did I mention, plenty of food? Ok, so its human food. Smells great! And sometimes, they drop stuff on the floor...teehee!

This year, I got to using a backpack that Sasha gave me for my barkday. Its nice and red and there's a nice pouch for angpaos to be placed in! See?

Nice aunty C gave me my very first angpao. =D

Soon we were off and arrived at somebody's home. I walked around and sniffed the place. There was a dog but I was bz sniffing and saying hi...

The humans were bz preparing stuff and watching tv. I watched them as they watched tv...

I watched with more interest on the things happening near the dining table. It smelt nice!

Yes, that table is SO much more fun to stare at.

Ooops! Look who is here! Its Puffy...oh, this is HER home.

She got groomed recently. Looks cute huh. Mummy says she's older than I...strange, cos she's so...frappy. =P

Well, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Puffy and I spent it staring at the humans and their plates full of goodies. =)

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