Saturday, 6 December 2008

I Love Apples! have no idea how much i love apples. Ok, so i love to eat just about everything, BUT when ever i hear the crunch of apples in mummy or daddy's hands, i can't help but drool. (Mummy: Uh, Benny don't you drool regardless of the food type? haha!)

IMPT!!! Mummy says she's very careful to make sure that i do not eat any of the seeds. Please remember that many fruit seeds actually contain poisons that dogs may not be able to handle. (Apple seeds do contain cyanide.)

Chomp chomp! See how bugged eyed i am? =) YUMMY!!!!

Most dogs don't really use their incisors. Mummy had to "teach" me to use it.

Its also very impt to lick the juice as you go, otherwise it'll just drip to the floor. Slurp!

See my scrunched up snout? I'm trying to pull a chunk of apple off. =P

Here's a video of the process. You can also see my teeth ridges in the core. haha! Mummy always finds that funny.


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Its ME said...

Hi Benny, I love apples too because apples love me too. Mutual benefits in natural love.
woof woof woof

I eat the whole apple. how about you Benny?