Thursday, 18 December 2008

Christmas Pressies!!! (2008) PART 1

This year Christmas pawties were great fun and the presents I got were even better! Mummy got some too and when she's happy, I'm happy too. Teehee! =)

The first batch of gifts I'm posing with actually had gifts with doggy or corgi motifs if they weren't edible. So I think they all rock! (just that I can't really use them eh? Mummy says they are all the pawsomest gifts ever!)

What? Mummy? Did you say that one bag has stuff for me? Which one?

Tah Dah! Here I am with the nice edible greenie crocs and a tough rubber bone for me to gnaw on. Yay! THey are from Hammer's mummy.

Isn't this cool? I can't eat it though cos its Choc Chip Cookies.

Here's a close up. THe corgi in the picture is actually Rusty!

Here are the presents unwrapped.

See all the doggy designed items? Isn't it just cool? Those are from Monty, Jazze and Chloe's mummy.

And this cute musical box with a corgi on the lid is from Hammer's mummy. Thank you so much! The tune is plays is "When you wish upon a star" and here I am getting a bit sleepy from listening to the tune.

And then I said a prayer to God... please send more pressies to me... and when I looked down... Weehee!!! I got more stuff!

I'm trying to look calm...

Haha, can't help it. I broke out into a big smile. I got stuff from auntie Lorna and sasha's mummy and Hammer's mummy. (big hugs!)

ANyway, big thank you to everyone for all your generous gifts and hugs and smiles! I am a very happy doggy and my mummy is a very happy human too! =)

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Paw & Yoyo said...

Hi Benny, Long time no see, thks for the card thoug. Hope to see you soon with the rascal whippet.