Sunday, 12 October 2008

Pokey and Dotty

Let me tell you about 2 girls in my life. There's Pokey (aka Poke Poke aka Coco aka Coconut aka the-sister-i-never-wanted) and there's Dotty (aka Nag Nag aka Sasha aka use-benny-as-a-punching-bag).

These two interesting gals finally met alone in the Pawsitive Sensations store one day and here's the story of what happened... to no one's surprise, Pokey does what she does best - poking. And Dotty was kinda overwhelmed by this crazed fluffy sausage with teeth and nose flying towards her.

Here's a video of their first interactions. Please notice how flexible Pokey's neck is and with all that swinging of her head going this way and that, I can't imagine how on earth she doesn't get dizzy or her eye balls don't pop out along the way.

After that Pokey tries my earflap grabbing technique...

She fails and attempts to stand up on Dotty's back... fails too, cos eh, corgis have short legs!

Dotty pins her down with her height advantage!

Some friendly side glances?

Then Pokey comes flying out from under the chair and pokes Dotty's face!

"My huge mouth is bigger than yours!" - Pokey


"Look at my teeth!!!" - Pokey
"Help!!!!" - Dotty

Pokey attempts to bug Dotty's foot. Dotty's busy looking at the helper and wondering why I'm not there instead of Pokey.

No reprieve under the chair either for Dotty. Pokey is everywhere!

Look at Pokey's manic eyeballs! (ew)

Poor Dotty crouching down for a split second and Pokey gets the upper paw.

Whoa! Last surprise attack!

Boy oh boy, am i glad those two got the time together. Hee hee...let me get a rest eh? =P


The Three Musketeers said...

Pokey is so hypo ! haha , my human walk pass your shop without us today , thats why they never come in . boohoo !

Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

She is FAST!! Reminds me of a woodpecker....Wonder where she learnt her techniques?

Clare wants to know if Pokey is able to come and play this Wed?

snowy who spitz said...

u put your right nose in, u put your right nose out... u put your right nose in, and u shake it all about...
It's the hokey Pokey!
way to go Pokey... haha.
we dogs must live up to our names!

Quincy said...

I'm kind of pokey too. It's fun. I know all about being height disadvantaged. Most dogs in this neighbourhood are big.