Wednesday, 3 September 2008

My Friend Alfie's horrid accident

Dear everyone,

I got to know Alfie from early last year. She's a real feisty jack russell and her mummy & her had an incredible connection.

I'm really sad to hear last week that Alfie got attacked by a German Shepherd that was off-leash at a park. Unfortunately, even though Alfie was brought to a vet immediately, she passed away in her mummy's arms on 020908 at 0715hrs. She was only about 5 yrs old.

We had hoped to meet Alfie this weekend as her mummy was going to bring her down. This news really saddened my mummy who can't help but cry. =(

You can read more about the incident here:

Alfie's blog (someone is presently helping her mummy write it) is here:

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The threesome said...

Sure , maybe will go to the shop one day or such ! Take cares !
Hope Alfie's RIP in the doggy heaven !

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Lady , Zena , Cody