Monday, 8 September 2008

Labrador Park with Grandma and Grandpa!

Last Monday, I went to this nice park called Labrador Park. I thought that I would get to see loads of Labradors...but, i was the only doggie there. Anyway, the pawsome thing was that I got to go with GrandPa & GrandMa! (which means FOOOOOOD!!!!!)

Grandpa....please drop a piece of the nice spare rib you are eating...please?

Grandma...what about u? (mummy: I was holding on to his leash the whole time we humans ate lunch. Benny drooled until my mum gave him her specially prepared benny lunch.)

Here's me posing with Gramps. He loves to walk me...

Here we are walking along...there's people fishing!

More walking. Decided to stay on flat ground and away from the forest on the left. =P

More posing. Funny tree roots eh?

Gramps made me pose next to this uh, world war 2 box thing.

See? More posing. Haha...i bet Gramps has tons of pictures of me already!

After all that walking around and mucking in the sand and drizzle (yet, it rained!), mummy gave me the compulsory shower and furmination.

Gramps and Grandma! Look into my eyes...we should go out again...without the we can have fun, and food and no shower! =P


Anonymous said...

looks like u had a fun time at the park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! havent written a coment in a while and hope u look at my blog.i FINALLY posted some new pics!!!

Its ME said...

walk, food, and talk,
walk food talk,
just refreshing to dogs,
woof! woof!