Monday, 22 September 2008

Corgis and their food.......

Doesn't the title tell you everything about this blog entry? =) Yeps, yet another one of those corgi gatherings at the Pawsitive Sensations store. The great thing was that Monty's pawsome mum was around to dish out the treats!

Ready, Get Set, Go! And the begging starts! (at least, Lucky and I are doing the begging)

Clare and Coco realised that they were losing out! Quick! Beg!

Here's the doggies with their special uncalcified and non-splinting spare rib treats:
Chloe, Jazze, Monty and Coco!

This is Captain UnderPants! Also known as Clare. =P

And here are my favourite pics of Lucky! She loves to hide under the bench to's the butt-end of her greedy self...

And here's her super duper happy face after having eaten her treat! Look at her eyes and beeeeg smile, I think she's hoping for more. Ha!

Here's my classic tongue slurping face. I'm cleaning up the crumbs off the floor as usual. Waste not, want not.

And so, after that frenzy, Coco and I were left in the store. We were exhausted and sleepy. Coco knocked out first. Whew!

Ok, I've decided that she's not so bad afterall for a younger sister. I'll tolerate her. Heh heh.

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Its ME said...

Thanks Benny and canines friends for more glad pictures here, enjoy seeing all of you sharing and keeping in contact. eat by all means, just remember to drink water too, woof! woof!