Friday, 4 July 2008

Mummy and the Drain

On Friday, Mummy told me that she had a personal encounter with a nice small drain in Hougang. She saw it, she thought about it a little and then she met with it. (Mummy: Eh, basically, I kinda WALKED INTO the drain even though I saw it was there! Daft huh.)

When she came home she had disguised her injuries quite well and seemed alright except for some blood showing through the dressing. I sniffed her to check that no dog did her harm. Luckily not.

Here's some photos of her injury that she took the morning after, i.e. this morning. First pic is the elbow, second is the right knee.

Now here are photos of her injury that she just took. Again its the elbow then the knee.

Seems like its worse eh? And a nice bruise on her left leg start showing through too.

I think mummy's getting old. She says that she probably sprained her back or something cos her neck and mid back muscles hurt. And her left shin is also feeling bruised though can't see any thing.

"Dear Lord, please keep my Mummy safe. I know she's getting older and she's clumsy, but so am I. Thank you for keeping all of us (Daddy, Mummy, me, Grand daddy, Grand mummy, etc.) safe in Your Arms. Amen." - Benny's Prayer for less injuries for the family. =)


Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

My Mummy says: That was a nasty fall. Am glad it was just bruises. Take care! Rest more.

Me, Clare, Ko Ko Marky : Benny- nice prayer. You take care of your mummy ok? Get well soon Aunty Z!

Its ME said...

A yu ! Ayoyoh,

Okay, let not cry over spilled milk , let try to mop the mess up.

Try this simple remedy to hasten the wound healing, using aloe vera flesh on the affected area.

Red color is healthy sign. Pain is because the area is undergoing "intensive-repair work', and the pain will stop after the repair is completed.

Cheep up Benny, for laughter is the best medicine because it relax our senses and recovery rate is faster when the body relax.

Bye (bark! Bark!)

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Oh dear what a bad fall! Benny, u shd make it ur personal duty to escort ur Mum everywhere! Hoomans just can't live without us!

Its ME said...

Hi Benny, how is aunty Z now?

Canine lick seem to clean and help wound heal faster too.

(Bye (woof! Woof!)