Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The Showering, and its not mine!

Yeah! I love this entry. Finally, an entry about the dreaded SHOWER and its not mine! =P

Yeps, here we shall witness the showering of 3 doggies. Monty, Jazze and Chloe. Mummy was having a good time taking their photos and trying to capture their "torture". Thing is, Monty likes showers. Funny fella.

Here's Jazze DRIED. Yeah, she escaped getting her torture documented. And she dries nicely don't u think? No hairdryer used on her at this point. Only towel dry. Wow.

Here's Chloe going second. She's blur in the photo cos she doesn't stop fidgeting all over the place during her shower.

This is Monty so tired of waiting.

Wait a second, what is Monty doing in the shower???

Haha!!! He's so impatient that he's sitting right at the shower door awaiting his turn. =P

Anyway, he finally gets his is Monty all happy and getting towel dried!

Chloe watches on in disbelief. (Me too, if I were there! Haha!)

I'm glad I'm dry (at least for the moment). Whew! =)


Its ME said...

(barking during the shower: "I am singingin the rain, I am singing in the rain, I am happy and and my heart is so glad, I am SINGING IN THE 'RAIN")
WOOF! woof.......

Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

Monty knows how to enjoy showers. Both Clare and I love showers!