Thursday, 10 July 2008

Daddy's Sweat...mmmm....

Update on Mummy's injuries: Her cuts and scrapes are healing quite nicely. Bruises changing colour and is alot more yellow now. Oooo... But please pray for Mummy cos her knees (left one especially) are giving her trouble. A bit pain here and there and got "kiap" sound when she walks. Other than that, she's in good shape. =)

Ok, back to the story at hand. I would like to announce to the whole wide world that Daddy's sweat is YUMMY!!!! Please note that its Daddy's sweat only. I tried Mummy's. Not as good. =P

Yum. Check out daddy's funky toe-socks.


Slurp. (spying on daddy's reaction. No reaction cos he is watching the History Channel. Ha!)

Here's a video of me slurping up the good stuff. Its a bit dark cos daddy runs at night. (sorry for poor video quality).

Daddy? Do you feel cleaner?

Heh, grossed out yet? =P


Its ME said...

(bARK) Benny , fathers always seemed to taste saltier, ehh!

snowy said...

who needs waxing when you've got the benny-drool treatment!

Lucky that u've got a live human tongue scratching post... I've yet to find one hairy enough for my liking.. could we share? =p