Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Corgi Craziness

This morning on the way to work, Mummy told me that since I've been a good boy and am wearing the bright red ribbon, that I get to PLAY all day today!

And boy did I take her word literally and PLAY!!

First, little Lucky Sta(r) came for her massage session. She's gotten a wee bit bigger but still a bit timid. Note to self: must continue to train Lucky to wrestle and become a champion! Here's Lucky with Clare...they're moving so fast its all a big blur!

It was so fabulous when everyone arrive cos both Clare and Dexter scrambled out of the car and into the store! So there we were, all four of us. 2 are sable (red and white) and 2 are tri-coloured. The older 2, Dexter and I, are boys and the mirror images of us are the younger 2, Clare and Lucky!

So here we are going at it. I'm playing with a giant hairball (Dexter) and Clare's cheering us on!

Then Dexter gets the upper hand...and Clare's still cheering us on!

And here we are checking each other out. Poor Lucky was mildly sedated from the massage Mummy gave her as well as she got overwhelmed at the number of us 'big' adult dogs in the room. =P

Here's Auntie L giving us FOOD!

Barn2 came in today as well. I had to give him a wide berth. Mummy and Aunty L were disciplining him for growling at me and Lucky...Uncle E was praising Barn2 for his Darth Vader looks and trying to distract him from staring at us sable PWC. =)

Here's a crazy picture: You can see Dexter and me in the bottom left corner of the picture. And if you peek past Aunty L, you can see Barn2's big ol' furry behind. Further up is Clare getting her nails done by Aunty R and being held by new Aunty L. THe missing one is Lucky who is being coddled by her grandma on the chair.

Anyway, Christmas is coming by! Soon, I'll start posting pictures of the gifts I've gotten.*hint2*. =D


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Wah.. it looks like u guys had a gd time! Will they be visiting next wk? My Mumsy is on leave and she has something for u all... *hint*

YangYang said...

Yoz Benny,thanks very much for your X'mas card!Mommy and i luv it!Hope you will like ours too.

Lots of Love,