Thursday, 20 December 2007

Crazy Corgis again!

It was utter madness on Wednesday. The store was overwhelmed with visitors and friends! There were tons of gifts...some squeaked and squawked. I didn't like those.. here I am hiding under the chair... better safe than sorry you know.

but ANYWAY, i had tons of fun with Dexter and Cody. I had so much fun that the nice red bow Aunty Lorna gave me broke. =( Oh well. Clare and Lucky got along great too! For pictures and more from Clare's point of view see her blog. Here's the link to Cody's Blog for his entry.

Again, there was pee and poo. Hahaha!!!

But this time, we had some nice Sheltie friends join us - Perdita, Pepper and Pongo. =) They were shy but curious. Probably wondering what's wrong with us rambunctious young corgis. =P here I am trying to get to know 2 of them. They are SO FLUFFY!

We were treated like pop stars. Photos here, photos there. It was so much fun and attention was given to us everywhere we went! =D

Well, until next time! Whoa...pressies in the blog shld be next. Mummy!!!!!

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