Sunday, 18 December 2011

Uber Mega Update

Wowie! It  has been ages since I've updated the blog. *grumble* Time for mummy's usual excuses about how she is overseas and too busy to transport my thoughts onto paper. =P

So here's a backlog of two entries...

Happy times in November! Daddy and Mummy brought me to a nice unofficial off-leash dog beach. I loved it! This is the second time I've been. 

Look at how BIG this place is! My wee legs were excited and even better still, the water was wading level! Teehee!

Run Daddy! Run with me! (can you spot us in the middle of photo?)

Tah Dah! Here we are up close. Mummy says that I always look at daddy when we run side-by-side. I think it is cos I'm amazed at how fast Daddy is!

Further down the path I found a dog to wrestle with in the water. *bark bark!* *splash splash!*

It was fun! 


Mummy wasn't too excited about the water and sand on me... so Daddy called me away *phooey*

But that's ok, walking with Daddy is always great!

Well, Mummy called me over before I got cleaned up cos she insisted on documenting proof of dirt.

I'm so clean....

NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

Well that marks the end of November. And then December came and the humans started with the packing and suitcases. Hence the Peppermint Oreo post.

Now...AFTER that, I did more to show how miffed I was.
See this nice recycled fire log that has been in the house for a month...

I did this to it! *gnaw gnaw* Of course I did this while they were away...for about an hour.

My lovely mess of emotions.

Guilt ridden...


 But I couldn't help it...

Well, Mummy and Daddy were kind to me. I didn't get much scoldings cos they knew why I was acting out. At least they understand! 

And here it is...on the fireplace waiting to be lit!

Well, thankfully they are coming home soon! I managed to squeeze one more "tantrum" in the few days after the firelog incident. Now, I'm patiently waiting for Daddy to bring me home again so I can sniff the smells of my humans. And in another week or so, as I'm told, Mummy will be back too! Woohoo!

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