Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas in our Home!

Wowie! I'm a happy boy now that everyone is back home again...and the fireplace is full of things...look! =D

I know it ain't all mine...but hey, a dog can hope right? ;)

Ok, I'll let Daddy into the picture...we can share...

WHAT!?!?!?! This is unbelievable... now mummy wants to share in the gifts too.

Seriously, I'm NOT going to take a decent pic with you. =P

That aside...I got a bunch of really nice gifts from my corgi secret santa!!! Treats!!!

Nom nom! Yum yum! Thank you secret santa (Al, Lesley and Herman!)!

Even mummy got what she wished for! A corgi poster...i think everyone should live with this motto... =D's this for a Christmassy look? ;)

What? I smell someone I remember... on this hat.

Is it meant for wearing? Too big lah...

Ah ha! It is meant for snoozing on! Grandma! I smell you!

And yet another gift! Antlers from bestbullysticks...I can't wait to get them in my mouth...nomnom...

I'm so happy this year! Admittedly, i wasn't the happiest pooch when my humans went back to singapore without me...but now that we are all back together, things will go back to being great!

Have a Healthy and Happy Christmas and New Year! *arf arf!*


Karen and Bailey said...

have a happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

Cheers and love.

Kat Randall said...

haha, that's great, Lilu gives that exasperated look all the time in pictures!!