Monday, 20 June 2011

Ponderosa Park (and Benny's Pot 'O Gold) has been so long since I got hold of mummy to put my thoughts here! It is hardwork to get her attention from this side of the Pacific Ocean. Geewhiz.

Anyway, let me introduce you to....

Ponderosa Park! (Don't ask me why I look like this. So unglam as some people would say)

So daddy had wonderfully brought me to Ponderosa Park for a mano-a-mano day out. =)
Wonder what's over there...*stare*

Gotta keep an eye out behind me too...

Inspect inspect.

Nose to floor....*INHALE*

Even from waaaaaaaaaaaay over there....

Gotta find the right place....

*sniff sniff*...(yes, i'm looking for gold. I think.)

Yep! I found it! Now to shove some dirt and cover it up.... =P

Quick! Walk away and look nonchalant!

Double back to cover your tracks!


What? Someone's on to me!

Run like the wind! (yah riiiiite)

Whew safe. Bet no one can find the pot 'o gold I found! =P


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, funny, Benny.
Love, Granmaw.

Helios said...

so what should one do at Ponderosa Park? should we ponder?