Friday, 15 April 2011

My Barkday (continued)

Yikes...i keep trying to get mummy to update the blog! She claims she is bz. phooey. =P

So anyway, on my barkday we went out to Castro Street...our old haunt for food. Mummy and Daddy had lunch at a Thai restaurant. They gave me water! Very thoughtful of them.

Gazing longingly at the, I've never set paw inside before. =(

Alfresco dining is the choice for me!

Mummy made us pose as handsomely as the two of us men could. =S

After the humans' lunch, we went to the park outside the Mountain View library. Look! An old sundial! *sniff sniff*

And just like that, it is now mine.

What a pretty park. Let's go people!

Why is daddy so slow? Quick Daddy, pick up the pace!


Back to my botanist job...sniff sniff. This is a green low-hedge type leafy bush.

Sniff sniff...this is a big leafy vine type plant. Good for peeing on.

Mummy vetoed my botanist job. She says I do better as a model. Seriously????
I have no I pose in front of the cherry blossom trees.

Yawn...what a boring job.


Here's a panorama of the trees. I'll admit, they were pretty. Click on the pano for a bigger version.

Back home, I jumped on daddy's lap ready to snooze the afternoon away.

Meanwhile, mummy finished up her game of Final Fantasy XIII. *finally*

I love the time of my barkday. The flowers are pretty! This was what my yard looked like during my barkday. Today though, its all gone. So fast!

Until the next post! =) Keep smiling and hugging and drooling on your humans!


Kelly said...

I think if Gibson had a tail, it would look like Benny's :) They have very similar butt fluff! I love how there are always photos of him peeing!

Peanut said...

Marking territory & sleeping after active activities is the corgi way to go!