Sunday, 27 June 2010

Making more friends at Shoreline Dog Park

Last weekend Mummy and Daddy brought me out to Shoreline Dog Park on a late Sunday afternoon. The weekend was slow so I had so much to catch up with....sniffing, peeing, barking, running, and...pooping.

First friend I met was a terrier called Sammy. She's young and SUPER active. I mean, look at her ears fly!

There were 2 groups of greeters. The small dogs group (in the background) and the big dogs group. Of course, I was with the big dogs. =)

While roaming the park, I found a nice human who scratched my back for me. He did a great job!

Then I met this fella! Yay! An invitation to play!

*Bark! Bark!* Run Run!*

(Mummy: Benny spends more energy yelling at them. He's more a referee than anything else.)

I decided to invite more play. See my stance? Butt up, front down...ok, i know its not as obvious.

Yay! PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yikes! He used his superior height to challenge me!

I shall use my superior lowness and uh, roll around.
(Mummy: It was AWFUL. He got so much dirt in his coat that he was DUSTY after the play. arrgh.)

Here we are showing off our superiorities! Wee!

Sneak attack! Ear flap attack! =D

On the other side of the park Sammy was running up a storm....

And this cute dude kept staring at Daddy that the photo came out perfect!

And Sammy kept running and fetching...

Her legs were swooshing around so fast!

Break time! More hellos to everyone.

More poopers too.

This JR was getting a timeout. He ocassionally instigated a couple of quarrels. Hee...

Yet another pretty and nice clean white doggy!

Finally! Sammy is sitting still...and that's only cos her parents are holding a tennis ball in their hands...hee!

She's kinda cute eh?

Well. until next time folks! =)


Laurie said...

Haha love the action shots! :)

ocmist said...

That looks like you have a GREAT time with all your friends! So many good pics of you and them! We do that corgi "drop and roll" thing, too, when we are playing or fighting with bigger dogs... neighbor dogs on the fighting stuff, and we don't get to do that much anymore because Grammy and their people got together on which times they would be loose and we would be loose. THEY just need to stay OFF our property and not chase our horses and we wouldn't get so upset with them!