Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Apologies....no entries....yet

Hey everyone!

Mummy's awfully sick since she got home last week. She arrived Monday but on wednesday she caught some awful bug and fell ill...and even today, she's still sick. Good news is that she saw a vet for people (Mummy: a doctor) and got medication.

Hope she gets well real soon so I can update my blog better. =P

We'll be back soon!

Mummy: Well, Benny snapped out of his anti-social behavior once I reached home. Apparantly he didn't want to go anywhere, especially into the car when I was away. We think its because he didn't want to miss my arrival back. I didn't get to see any of this strange behavior for once I got home, he was instantly back to normal. =) I think he missed the family hugs we always have.
In the meantime, I'm down with a nasty flu and chest infection. Benny is kind of mimicking my illness by not barking as much and resting around the house next to me more. Such a sweet boy.


Lois said...

Super cute all round ! My corgi boys want tails now :-)

Its ME said...

miss your entries leh