Friday, 11 June 2010

A Looooong Walk Through Mountain View

Wowie...finally Mummy felt well enough to bring me out for a super duper long walk (maybe to prep me for another hike? camping?). It was about 2 miles long. Whew...felt longer for a doggy with short legs you know.

Here's our first stop...aren't the flower pretty?

Its DQ! Dairy Queen...they have great milkshakes and mummy likes the chilli hotdog thingy they sell.

Can you see lanterns? It belongs to the Japanese restaurant next to DQ. Mummy and Daddy likes the restaurant. They have relatively cheap lunch ramen sets...not that I would know! *complain*

We continued along California St. Here I am between San Antonio Shopping Centre (walmart, daiso, 24 Fitness, etc) and...I'm hungry! Can you tell?

No food just yet. Gotta cross the road.

Oooh, nice neighbourhood! Think I can make it mine? Pee....

I smell food...

This place is a great rest stop! There's a bench, there's pretty flowers. I got my treats and lots of water! Yippie!

And then, just a bit further down the road, Mummy got her lunch too! Look at the menu. *drool*

Are you buying something for me? Mummy? Helloooooo?

The smells in here are amazing! Arrgh...i want....i!

With no hope of scraps coming my way, Mummy said we need to go home soon. To take the underpass through San Antonio Caltrain Station (behind me).

Ooo...a cyclist. Think i can hitch a ride? I'm tired.

Huff puff...huff puff... "we're almost home". That's what Mummy keeps saying to make me walk.

Well, anyway, ultimately, it was alot of fun! So many many sights! I peed and I pooed. I am a Mountain View doggy!


Kelly said...

Looks like a fun walk!!

ocmist said...

Looks like a great walk, but we would have demanded something at that DQ... at least a cup of ice or ice water! It's to hot around here to walk except in the early morning or late evening! :P (panting)