Sunday, 31 January 2010

Benny & Gilroy Premium Outlets

I've been meaning to do this post entry for a while. Its about a place called Gilroy - Premium Outlets. Well, it happened just before winter kicked in last year. I was scooched into the car. Quickly i assumed my usual position.

Ocassionally I do try to sniff the air. Can you spot me through mummy's side mirror? =)

Finally we reached. I didn't where to go cos there weren't any fields that i could see. There's alot of shops and more shops...

Here's what Daddy and I spent most of our time doing.

This is just 5% of Gilroy. Seriously. Fortunately, Mummy is a quick shopper and knew what to buy so she did precision purchases and didn't take that long. the end of the day i was so pooped out. Here we are driving home. I'm guarding the coat that mummy bought. Its the one she wore to Yosemite. =D

Yeah, did I mention I was all pooped out?

Hee...after just a few hours snooze, I'm back! Here's my power laser eyes! (Mummy: I didn't realise my flash was on! Arrgh. Sorry Benny, hope it didn't hurt too much.)

Until next time! Woof! =D


Kelly said...

Looks like fuN!

Its ME said...

I see you Benny, i like the last photo. Keep smiling ,

ocmist said...

Mom lived for several years in San Jose years ago when she was in College, and she and her friends would go to Gilroy sometimes. She LOVES garlic and it's called the Garlic Capital of the World, too!