Sunday, 24 January 2010


Hi guys,

I know its been a loooooong time since I posted. Its because I'm sick. =( Since I returned from the kennel I have been having diarrhoea and vomiting. And that was the first two days since i came back. (tuesday & wed). Thereafter, it was diarrhoea...and Mummy was trying not to get mad at me cos its not like I want to. I ended going to the vet for my annual heartworm test and since i was there, they treated my tummy problem. I got an antibiotic pill to eat and mummy went to buy OTC famotidine for my gastric.

Here's me just lying in mummy's nice pink chair. I usually greet them when they get home but this time i just slept in the chair... Mummy took pity on me and put her jacket over me.

Then yesterday Daddy sat in the nice pink chair and played PS3. He also took pity on me when i gave him a "please i want to sit in your lap" look and picked me up.

Soon after....Zzzzzzzzzz.............

Well, i'm better today. No puking at all.... I'm a hungry boy eating measy morsels of bland food. Apparantly its for my own good. Ah well. Can't complain. Thank God I'm getting better!

Oh, one more thing. I'm featured on this pawsome corgi blog today!
Go take a look and bookmark their blog for future laughs! =D


Kelly said...

Aww poor guy!! Glad you are feeling better today :)

Its ME said...


ocmist said...

So sorry to hear that you were ill, but so glad to hear that it didn't last to long! Mom was sick all day today, so she says she feels for you!

We love the Daily Corgi, too, and Gimli is set up to be featured way off in May... I guess they are really backed up!