Thursday, 25 November 2010

Converting a cat lover...

First of all....Happy Thanksgiving! =) I will post about my thanksgiving dinner next time.

As promised, this post is about an old friend of mummy's (from primary to junior college days) who came to visit and stay with us a couple weeks ago. Aunty M is really a cat person. She loves and adores cats and is even a bit afraid of us doggies. So mummy tasked me to make her love dogs, or at least, love me. =)

Wasn't hard. I'm an old-hand at first, thing is to greet with a goofy enthusiastic face that says "I'm friendly!" Apparantly it was a little overwhelming so i had to tone it down and slowly hypnotise her with my eye-power. Watch this:

Aunty M, you will realise I'm totally harmless. Aunty M, you will now scratch my chest.

Now Aunty M, you will pat my head (incidentally, the first dog's head she's ever patted. =D ).

Now that I have her under my powers, i can look away and pose for a picture with her. Easy peezy lemon squeezy!

She even got all up close and personal with me.

I like her. She would throw the ball and play with me too. She's nice. Hope to meet you again Aunty M! Last photo of 2 very tired people and one very skillful hypnotising corgi! *wink*

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Karen said...

how cute :)

good job benny!