Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas 2010!

There's a secret santa present waiting to be opened over here in cold cold California.... BUT mummy & daddy are both away in Singapore. Bah! I have to be a good boy and wait. Mummy says that i have to be patient cos more presents are coming my way...really?

Why does it look like I attended the corgi pawty in Singapore? =D

Woot! Hi to my twin-brother-from-another-mother, Rusty! many presents from Dexter's family, Aunty Lorna & her gang of 5, Lucky's dad, Roo & Boo's family and Rusty's family! I'm so fortunate! I bet they are great gifts. I'm waiting patiently and I swear I was a good corgi boy all through the year. *promise* =P

Stay tuned! Mummy says she's gonna post photos of the pawty soon!

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