Saturday, 20 November 2010

Its Winter-Coat time!

I've been shedding like a mad-dog. Is it my fault? No way... =P Its the all-natural doggy response to the reduction in daylight hours. The horrid wet weather hasn't helped and the rain means the construction completion will be delayed. Ugh.

The trees have been changing colour which is kinda pretty.

The daffies in the yard got confused and bloomed 6 mths too early. Hee...

Mummy can't stand my crazy shedding so she sat me down and started furminating me. Phooey.

Evidence of my mountain of fur. =P

Seriously though...look at my eyes. I'm totally innocent of causing mummy's allergies since I didn't do it (on purpose anyway. hee...).

Next post will be about me fulfilling my duties to the dog-world and transforming a 110% cat-person into a dog-person. =D

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