Friday, 10 July 2009

Happy Barkday to MUMMY!

9th July was Mummy's barkday! I had a fun time with Mummy - she brought me out to Castro Street. There was going to be an event there in the evening so they had started to block out the roads and stuff. It was nice and empty! =D

There's always time to smell to the flowers...notice little white flowers on my head? I did poke my entire head in one of the previous bushes... heh.

Look! They are setting up a stage for some band to sing! Looking right...

Looking left...

Wow Mummy! This is the best type of Castro street time of day for a doggy walk ever! (Mummy: Yes I agree. Less chance of utter embarassment when u poop in the middle of the walkway. =P)

Mummy dropped me off in the car (parked in sheltered area of course!) so she could make a quick stop at a store. As expected, I'm the well-behaved corgi-in-a-car. Can u spot me? I'm there...really...staring hard at Mumy while she took this picture.

This is me up close. =D

When it came time for dinner, Daddy whisked mummy away. Uncle M joined in the celebrations. They sneakily brought mummy to Chessecake Factory (I can hear Snowy's mummy going "Ooh!!!"). They had cakes for dessert and the factory was nice enough to decorate mummy's plate! Look!

Candles were bought for Mummy in advance. The big 3-Oh.

Here's the forever "young" Mummy with her cake!

I love this photo of Mummy and Daddy. Where am I???? *wah!*

See all the cakes together...*drool*

This is a photo without flash. Place is really dark eh? =P

And finally a group pic with uncle M.

Mummy had a great barkday! I'm glad she's happy! Thanks to every one for your barkday wishes and emails and gifts to mummy! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! =D


a corgi said...

happy belated birthday to your mom; Cheesecake Factory is a favorite of mine, yum!!

you are so cute in the car waiting :)

enjoy the weekend


Trishas Trove said...

Hey Benny ... sent your Mummy a funny birthday e-card with a cute little doggie in it that looked just like YOU (except for the purple polka dots, haha) !!! Beautiful smile Mummy, as always :))) Cheesecake looks yummy !!!

Eunice said...

There's cheesecake factory in Omaha too! hahaha, Benny, meet your future pal's mummy! ME! He's name is Foompy!

Its ME said...

Hoof hoof hhoff hoof hoof,
Woof woof wooff wooof woof
Happy birthday to you !

looking for more such birthdays ahead benny, mumy, dddy, granny,

thanks for the cheesecake photos, now we can have the cheesecake and still eat it! cheesememories! more ,more, cheesememories, ho!

The Beasts- Royal, Brock, Alki & Iggy said...

happy barkday to your mommy!!

I had to BOL when I read that you poop on the sidewalk sometimes- I do too! ha-wooo!



ocmist said...

Hi, Benny! Happy Birthday to your Mummy, too! Her birthday is the day after BG & Dott's! They had fun at their party and it looks like your Mummy had a great time at her's too! My Mom LOVES cheesecake and says that those looked SOOO GOOD, she wanted to reach into the computer and grab one.

Sorry, we are so behind in checking on our friends, and therefore, so late in our birthday wishes, but we hope she has a wonderful year as well! OC