Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Walking to Where?

(Image intensive blog entry!!!)

As you can see, my thoughts have been constantly a "what?" "where?" "when?" state of mind. Its a first of a guess numerous things to come...wow. Quite nervous. Hee.

Over the last weekend, Mummy and Daddy suddenly woke up late (finally!) and after I ate breakfast, I got whooshed into the car and we drove and drove and drove!

Finally i was allowed out of the car...i smelt...DOGS!

Quick Daddy! Don't waste time! We gotta go....!!!! (Mummy: Little did Benny realise that quite a bit of the hike was an uphill one. Heh. He ran out of steam real quick.)

Gotta make myself known here. Peeeee..........(note the tail up, funny back legs half-squat stance)

This is what the place looks like at the entrance. Its called Windy Hill.

Now for the mandatory pose. Smile!

Oh. THAT'S why i'm on leash. (Mummy: Yah, that and the fact that you'll go jumping into some random bush!)

Oh. Birds! I hear them but I can't see them! (Mummy: the genius almost threw himself off the cliff to look for them. Sigh.)

Sniff....what? Did you hear that?

(Mummy: Time to appreciate the nice scenery. Benny was too bz stuffing his nose into the ground to bother with looking up...unless he heard birds squawking in the distance)

Appreciate this Mummy! Sniff...sniff...

Whew. Tired. Time to make a U-turn and go back down hill!

Sniff Sniff....mmm...smells nice....think I'll.....

(this is what he was sniffing)

pee here.... =P

Its a great day! I made new friends! Doggy friends...

And nice human friends! The little girl said i looked like a fox!

She likes me! She called me a fox doggy. I like her. =)

Oooo! More friends!

Still more friends! =)

I'm tired...ok. Time to go home now...lets go Daddy!

I had a blast! I love the weather...its not so hot and I can walk and go further than usual without drooling all over the place. Miss you guys in Singapore! Wish ya'll were here with me!


ocmist said...

Looks like a great place to take a walk... All sorts of smells! Dad had to work in Ventura a couple of weeks ago and Mom, Mama OC, and I got to go for the couple of days he was there. That was a new place for me and there were a lot of great sniffs... I even almost caught a fuzzy (Mom: rabbit) but Dad wasn't to happy that I'd jerked the leash out of his hand and broken it.

BG from Country Corgis

Trishas Trove said...

Such cool wonderful air and weather and beautiful countryside .... in her thick coat, I just KNOW Tania would absolutely love being there! LUCKY BENNY !:)))

Its ME said...

great walk benny and you must either modify your friends or magnify your skills of befriending more corgis, doggis, children, adults, grannies, and plants too. Enjoy your walk with you too.