Friday, 8 May 2009

I'm WHERE????

I'm a bemused dog. No, not a bermese mtn dog, but a BEMUSED one. I'm a Corgi in Mountain a place called california which is in a place called USA? Eh?

*sniff*.... A few days ago, i got put into a big kennel. It was nice and roomy. Mummy put me in it at a new place called Changi Airport. Then things got weird. People were say "bye Benny...we love you...we'll miss you..." Why say that? =(

Then whoosh...i got trolleyed away. Far far away... I still didn't get it.

Then a loud rumbly sound...up and then down...then moved to a different place...then another loud rumbly sound...up and then down again.

Then....MUMMY appeared! Whew. =) I was happy again. Sniff sniff. The air is different. Its cold and clear and full of smells! I couldn't stop wagging my tail! Wow! Sniff!

Then....DADDY appeared! WHOA...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean....what? Where did he go for the last few weeks. Sniff...air different, car different, daddy's here.

Mummy claims that i've been jet lagged. What does that mean anyway? I know that in the day time, i feel like i should be sleeping and in the night time I got so much energy. Not sure why. The house is different too. There's carpet almost everywhere...very good traction for running around. Heh! Oh and there's this thing called a yard that mummy and daddy are trying to make nice for me to pee in. Eh? =P

Well, I've been bz. Mummy and Daddy (and Grandma) have been really really bz too so that's the excuse for the lack of blog updates. Last night, i finally slept while the humans slept...and i got a nice familiar pillow to use. A place to prop my feet.....

I love Daddy...... =)

Then Daddy grunted and i opened my eyes to see this:

Hey! familiar choice pillow is back!

Zzzzz... what a great way to get rid of this thing called jet lag. =)

Until next time folks!


Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

MUMMY: Hi Benny! So good to hear from you. You look so cute and comfy on your special pillow.
Blog soon re your life there.
Barn2 isnt too happy with morning thunderstorms (neither is Marky)here in Singapore but Clare sends her regards!

Lynn said...

Hi Benny! You don't know me, but I'm a fan of your blog, and welcome to California! You live so close to me now. There are lots of corgis here, and there is a meetup in Mountain View (Shoreline dog park) once a month! Hopefully we can meet when you get over jet lag!

Trishas Trove said...

Hi Benny!!! So happy and relieved that you and Mummy arrived in California safely; that look of utter love in your eyes for your Daddy ..... mmmm priceless! Thanks for visiting me just before you left Singapore; had loads of fun. Tell Mummy that I miss her massages, but Aunty Linda is taking care of me very well :))))) Come back soon to visit .... I MISS YOU !!!
Loads of love - TANIA
Mummy says "Hello" and she misses you terribly too ....... (make sure you keep 'barking' on your blog :)))))))))))

Hammer the not so mini Schnauzer said...

Hi Benny! I miss you. Saturdays will be so different without you...
Take care and ask mummy to log on to MSN often.

Hug and barks,

Chester (Bond) said...

Hi Benny

Hope to see you again soon - when will you be back in Singapore? I'd like to visit you again.

ocmist said...

Hi, Benny and welcome to our State. I wonder how far Mt. View is from us? There is a street just over from Mimi's that's named Mt. View, but Mom says that's not were you are.

I'll have to have Mom do a google map to find out, but Mom says it's probably still to far from us to visit. We live in California, too, but in the Central Valley an hour or so from Bakersfield.

Doesn't sound like your plane ride was very nice. My mom went on one the first of the year to visit her son who lost his wife, and he was just here for Mother's Day, but from the sounds of it, I don't think I'd want to go. Still, I guess seeing your Dad was worth it... I LOVE my Dad, too! BG from Country Corgis

Its ME said...

Shhhhh...benny....dream on...nice reunioning with dad right?...(whisper)