Monday, 18 May 2009

My first California

Great. THE shower. Actually i was kinda looking forward to this shower cos i was a bit itchy after the walk on the wild side (see previous blog entry).

So i almost jumped into this white tub thing. Ok, warranted, there was a nice juicy treat in it. But anyway, i didn't make it in cos its too high. Once inside...i felt a bit worried. Just a bit.

Hmm...the green watering can? I've seen daddy use it in the garden before! Hmm... are we playing?

Oh! WHAT???!???!?!????!??!??!? (please notice my pleading eyes!)

Now my face is just...mildly stricken with panic. Mildly.

Do i look miffed??? Do I???

Crumbs. Scrubbing....

Admittedly, my tail went up a couple times cos mummy was scrubbing my itchy spots.

There was a quick dry. My first QUICK dry! (Mummy: Yah, he actually dried in 15mins with the hairdryer. Record time!)

It was a loooooong day. Even I, Benny the active young adult corgi, ran outta steam. Time to Zzzz... the hanging head position works very well. The nose snot drool stuff just drips off oh so naturally.

Zzzz....i'm rather fluff eh?

Ciao ya'll!



nicolette said...

hello you guys! (: HAHA pleading ears!

ocmist said...

I can never do ANYTHING with my coat after a bath! I'm all fluffy and all my various "perfumes" are gone afterward!

Some of your bath pics remind me of our bath pics. Don't know why the people get such a kick out of our anguished expressions! Dott (From Corgi Country)