Sunday, 12 April 2009

The Closing of a Chapter - Pawsitive Sensations

This entry might be a nostalgic one...the shop in Turf Club Road is now officially closed. It was a nice shop that had tons of doggy action (from growling, to sleeping and loads of photo posing too).

For the last few weeks we've been announcing about the closure of the store and the change of the business to a mobile one. Nothing changes on the end of the customers so please if you need more details, you can email or call us with ur queries k? We'll be more than happy to clear up any doubts. Pawsitive Sensations is still operational!

Saturday started out like this: The signs were to be taken down...

Here's the reception area.

And this is the treatment room all bare.

Here's Rover, our very last and final patient's appt at the store. He thinks its really empty too eh?

Well, its empty, so time to go!

And here's a last peek at the store. The signage was taken down and there's just the bare minimum left inside. *sniffles* hee... Now that this chapter is closed...

We need to open a new chapter in the life of Pawsitive Sensations!

And here's our nice van! Its a Fiat Doblo with enough space at the back to comfortably massage one dog. As you can see its just blue and the stickering isn't done yet, but when it is, i'll be there to pose with Sky (that's the name of our van). =D


Anonymous said...

:( But I was going to bring my puppy Sophie there soon!!! To meet all her corgi friends...

Aww, well, here's wishing Sky all the best!

-Sophie's Mummy

Evelyn said...

Hammer obviously loves SKY.

Its ME said...

Hope to meet you in the Sky, one day.

Yesterday's the past and
tomorrow's the future.
Today, benny and friends, is a gift - which is why they call it the present.

wise idea, wide benny, wife person,
i heard the Sky horning,
let's check it out, canines!
Woof, woof! WOOF!!!