Thursday, 20 November 2008

Lucky the "Princess"

We used to call little Lucky, THE PRINCESS. Ha! I think that title has since expired and I'll call her Lucky the Terrible. =P

She came to visit a few days before mummy and daddy left on vacation and here's my report on what happens when Lucky's in my house. First, she walks like she owns the place. Then she pees here. And pees there. She's smart...she pees on the newspaper first then pees elsewhere after that. Haha! Oh, there's more. She poos anywhere but the newspaper! She pooed in the living room and the balcony too. I think she was marking. Boohoo...the house is mine leh... *wail*

Anyway, here's Lucky spying out the powerplug in the living room.

Here's Lucky staring at mummy and daddy's room, probably wondering what havoc she can create! =P

Alrighty, I'm watching you...

In she goes to the kitchen...

I follow...

and when we get out, wrestling match! Arrgh! She's winning!!! (Mummy: ok, Benny's spinning some crazy story but truth is, Benny realised that if surrendered often then Lucky would keep playing with him.) (And Lucky is very cute and not as "terrible" as he depicted. Not that terrible. Haha!)

Let me show you my laser eyes!

Here's a video of one of our wrestling matches:

By the end of the day, I look like this.

Yah, she was exhausting! =P Aunty Linda, Coco, don't you agree??? =D


Coco 'the poker' said...

Hmm... I think Lucky was more exhausted trying to 'siam' my poking :P hehe

Chow Chow said...

The corgis are so cute! Is wrestling their favourite game? I play wrestling with my stuffed rabbit and it's loads of fun!