Friday, 22 August 2008

R & B (Part 2)

And now to continue the story of R & B. Here we add in another youngster, Coco who recently turned 1.

Coco is what my mum likes to call an Alligator Corgi. She plays the alligator game. Poke poke poke (and its really fast too!). See how I squint my left eye as she tries to poke me?

Gah!!!! Alligator attack!!! Help!!!

Meanwhile Roo and Boo watch on. Roo whined incessently so Mummy let him join in our game.

Yeah! I get to show Coco how to wrestle properly instead of just poking.

Oh dear, Roo is getting double teamed by us. Coco's real smart and learns fast. She immediately attacks little Roo.

But hey! You can't play wrestle with Roo and try and poke me at the same time! =P

Meanwhile Boo lies down quietly and watches us go crazy with each other...

Roo "pun-jaik" first. And as you can see, Coco is in a "ready-to-launch" stance.

After an eventful day, Roo, Boo and I rests quietly at home. Zzzzzz.........................

Here's Boo's zombie face

Well, I really had a great time. See my face? Hope to meet them all soon again! Corgis rule!


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Wow, sounds like you all had loads of fun! Love the photos! *grins*


Its ME said...

Thanks again Benny,

Enjoying your photos too

The threesome said...

WOOO ! Saw you on TV ! do come by our blog if free yeah !