Thursday, 7 August 2008

Monty's nice Mummy (MnM)

I was told by my mummy to title this about Monty's nice Mummy. She's a nice lady...I like her cos she normally feeds me ALOT. But on this ocassion, I wasn't there!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! I missed the pawty. (grrr...mummy!!!!!!! How's could u???? *bawl*)

Ok, fine. I shall take this opportunity to intro you to the corgis and the one collie. The collie is of course, Jazze. Monty's sister in the house. Chloe just joined the family and is the larger of the 2 red and white pembrokes (besides Monty). The smaller one is Lucky. The sable puppy is Roo and his new sister in the household is Boo, who is the black and white one. No need to intro Monty right? =P

Alrighty, where shall we start. Oh, its just while Monty's nice mummy (MnM) is out of the store buying the meat balls for all the doggies that Roo and Boo come to the store and check out Lucky. Sniff...sniff...

They corner her to under the chairs. Here's a beautiful butt shot.

"Come out and play" says Boo, who flops on her back.

Roo gets notices that MnM is coming back! and Lucky takes a peek!

And it starts! The feeding frenzy. Here's the names of the dogs in order of "head" position from Top to Bottom: LUCKY, JAZZE, CHLOE, MONTY, BOO, ROO

Do you notice that Lucky is perpetually on MnM's lap so that her face is nearest to the plate? Wah!!!! That's MY SPOT!!!! Also, note how calm Monty is and he patiently waits his turn.

I love this photo. All eyes on the fork and the meatball on its end! =P *drool*

Watch this video. I must say that MnM has excellent group doggie feeding skills as she smoothly sweeps the fork around the "hopefuls" until it reaches the correct doggie.

Well, I'm must meet the MnM again soon. I miss her and I sure hope she misses me! =P

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Its ME said...

Well, Benny at times we canine have to be "Home Alone" and our human friends have their own things to do. Well, you can watch 101 Dalmatians or the Search for Rin Tin Tin.

I am happy to see your mummy got back to up and going about the canine massage again, many canines sure miss her too, and of course miss you too. Just be good, anyway.
Enjoy watching those friends having fun time here. Woof! Woof!