Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Outing to San Fran with Hammer's mommy!

So remember Aunty Evelyn coming over? This entry is about the day that she brought me to San Francisco! (ok...so mommy drove, but it was Aunty Evelyn's idea to bring me out...afterall she was pawsome enough to come visit me!)

So here we are, in the car. I'm sitting in the back with my seatbelt on. Yes, I have a seatbelt harness. Useful stuff for preventing me from climbing to the front. Which according to mommy is extremely dangerous cos I'd be in the way. =P

We got to the usual car park that was next to Joe's Crab Shack and I wanted to climb out. Pfft! The seatbelt harness was still on! Better be patient... ;)
The humans were hungry and so was I. I couldn't focus on posing...I smelt FOOOOOOD....

Glorious food! This was what the humans ate.

 I got a piece of lettuce or two and my own dog treats under the table. 

What? Did someone say OmmmNommmm???

Oh, it was just that pigeon squawking at me...taunting me... Humph.

No time to waste! We had to go SHOPPING! (What is that? Mommy and Daddy never brings me shopping. New experience here!)

Some quick photos... SMILE!

And off to dog friendly Pier 39 we went! 

This, my doggy friends, is called SHOPPING. I got to enter the stores with Aunty Evelyn. She found me useful to help measure sizes when shopping for her nephews and nieces. Wonder if they are furry?

More shopping! I LOVE this store. This shop sells doggy-related stuff! They rock!

Towards the end of the shopping day. Mommy was tired. All that stuff in the bags are Aunty Evelyn's SHOPPING. If shopping means I get to go out and be in the stores...then I guess I like shopping. If it is waiting outside the shops...don't think i'd like it. Today, though, I liked it very much!

Well, that's it! Homeward bound with my seatbelt on again. Dear Hammer, I hope you hug your mommy everyday! I love you Aunty Evelyn!

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