Monday, 11 June 2012

Aunty Evelyn came specially to visit ME!!!

I got a visitor! Aunty Evelyn, Hammer's mommy, flew in just to visit me!!! I'm such a lucky corgi! ;)
First thing she did after hugging me was to show me a brand new toy! My mommy said that it was going to die and Aunty Evelyn let me go ahead and have fun by destroying it!

Let me teach you how to dissect a rope duck. First you start by tearing a nice gaping hole at one of it's armpits like so:

Then use one paw to firmly hold it in position while surgically disemboweling it.

If you get tired, con a human to hold one end for you and start playing tug-o-war!

Never forget to occasionally check to see if more fluff can be removed.

Then resume tug-o-war!!!

What's that you say? I am allowed to BEHEAD it???? Can you see the crazy sparkle in my eye?


GAH!!!!!!!!!! Show no mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hee hee...!!! Success is such sweet savour!

Big smiles all around!

Whew! Not bad considering I played with the toy for...i think 40mins? ;)

Here she is! My Aunty Evelyn who loves me very much!

Sorry ducky...guts and head got thrown away....

This is me thanking Aunty Evelyn for the toy by hanging out with her upstairs!


Next post: My day-trip to SF with Aunty Evelyn!

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