Friday, 6 April 2012

My 6th Barkday...Singapore Time...

This year I get to celebrate my 6th barkday over 2 timezones! I'm STOKED!

We started off using Singapore time since I spent half of my life there. This meant that 31st March PST, it was already 1st April in Singapore so I got some fun barkday stuff!

Wooo.... are these all mine? Googly eyes...

I'm sure they are ALL mine...Attack!!!

(got scolded) Wha....????? 3 Dogs and a Chick's doggy treats always taste great. I know these are mine. Right? *whimper*

How about these? I think they are CAKE. Barkday CAKES...

*pray* Dear Lord, grant me the patience to wait for my special treats and the serenity to accept that I can't change my humans' minds about hurrying up. Amen.

Mummy insisted on ONE MORE PICTURE with ALL THE TREATS...

I know these are mine. I'm mesmerized.'ll be in my tummy...

*HALT!* Mummy took all the goodies away. *WHY??!???!???!*
Cos she decided to give me a new toy, just for this special day, and let me destroy it.

*cue evil laughter* Mwahahahahaha!

I can almost taste it.

Death! Rip!

It doesn't take me long at all. Fluff and guts!!!

Squeakers and squeals!!!!

Heh. Heh. The look of accomplishment.

Absolute satisfaction!

(Poor elephant)

And later that evening, I finally got my paws on my Singapore time Barkday biscuit!

Daddy is happy showing off how much his outfit matches MY biscuit. Hands off!


UGH... pose again?

And then I got to eat it. Whew!

Stay tuned for "My 6th Barkday... California Time..."


3 Dogs and a Chick said...

Happy Birthday Benhur! Thanks for having us be your birthday bakery again. WOOF!

3 Dogs and a Chick

Anonymous said...

Glad you had great yummy pressies, Benny. Love, gmaw.

Karen and Bailey said...

cute- happy belated birthday, benny!