Thursday, 29 March 2012

I'm getting too old for this s***

I'm getting my furry butt whooped by two crazy corgi puppies!

So on tuesday I got to go have a fun afternoon with them again and this is what happens AFTER that.

First, the instant crash on the couch.

Then that night, while my humans are watching a movie on TV, I decided to put the tv console to good use for my tired short legs...

Oh and wires can be such great leg dangling devices! Zzz....

Until next time... wait a second...isn't my barkday coming? *hint hint*


Anonymous said...

It's Apr 1 here. Happy Barkday, old chap!
Strange that old hoomans do what you're doing using whatever to rest the tired legs when resting.
Tired and grumpygranmaw.

Trishastrove said...

Hi Benny,

Happy Barkday for the 1st !!! Can't wait to see your barkday fun pixs. Hope you get lots of treats and pressies.
Hugs and wagggggs - Tania & Mummy