Thursday, 15 September 2011

My humans go all the way to Alaska and got me WHAT?

So...a few weeks ago I had to get my Kennel cough vaccination and then i started going to daycare at this place called Sweet Doggies. It was to prep me for something...

Then a couple weeks ago, I got left there! WHAT???!!! Yah, for almost 2 whole weeks mind you. I had tons of fun though, and got into a wee bit of trouble but learnt quickly else I got a "timeout". =P Mummy and Daddy spied on me through the webcam. Even grandma who is in Singapore spied on me. I felt it...i sure did!

So on Wednesday morning, I heard mummy's voice...she FINALLY appeared! (and I sprinted to say hi...but got distracted by the pantry along the way. =P )

Then home we went. I was SOoooooo tired. I mean, there were things to do and see, and not to mention dogs to interact with, humans to bother to get hugs. Usually I sleep a lot, but here, I was a busybody. Thus, now that I'm back home, I'm so grateful that I get to catch up on my snooze time!

Mummy decided to bug me though. Something about presents?

They went all the way to Alaska and got me a POO BAG???? Humph!

Here's the close up of my one-and-only precious alaskan doggy poo bag.

Whew! Just a spoof gift! I got a bunch of other things, but being tired and all that....I couldn't even show my appreciation.
(Mummy: This dude was seriously concussed! He didn't even want to go walkwalk...imagine that!)

Nice toy...yawn. It makes a great pillow...Zzzzz.....

(Mummy: He just flopped over and snoozed the rest of the day. Benny will be donning the Bark Ranger bandana this weekend!)

(Mummy: More of the sleeping "beauty")

(Mummy: Nothing could wake him up.)

Hey...what's that. Yawn...even daddy is tired.

(Mummy: rubbish! Clement was trying to bug him to open his eyes!)

(Mummy: Still no effect!)

Eh....*eyelids flutter*...something is buggin' my ear...zzz....

Well that's all the gifts I got! Including this cool zipper pull. The paper says all about us corgis being great at herding, being smarty pants, and being pawsome house pets. =D They failed to mention that we are also champions at snoozing! =P


Anonymous said...

Food more important than Mummy, huh.

Its ME said...

bite your ear?