Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My new home...

Quick post on my new place in my new place. =) Mummy and Daddy are still quite busy with the moving in. Mummy says about 20% left to sort out. In the meantime, they haven't ignored or forgotten about me. I got a new squeaky!

*chomp chomp* Yippie!

Time to walk to one of my corners...see the flattened boxes near the door? Yah, Mummy managed to unpack a bit today.

This is my peepad corner. When its clean, I use it for lying on...sleeping on...destroying toys on...




The chair legs are my safety bars. =D Prevents daddy and mummy from getting to me. Hee...

This is my main pad. Best location ever since it is at the entrance to the kitchen. I mean...PAWSOME!

Until next time!


Laurie said...

Love that picture above your bed!!! Looks like you have a great new place :)

Laurie said...

We gave you an award! Check it out :)


Benny said...

Hi Laurie and Sadie!

Thanks so much for the award! I will do some research soon and post it up! =)