Thursday, 3 March 2011


Hi everyone! So sorry for not posting recently. I tried to get Mummy to sit down and type for me but she and Daddy have been busy packing our things in boxes. I admit. I was really worried for quite a while and even had a little diarrhoea from all the stress of watching the packing. I didn't understand.

But now, we are at our new home and I'm excited with all the new smells and dogs in the area. Most of the boxes are gone...but Mummy says the house is still a mess. She promises it will be one more week or so before I can post my story about the Bay Area Pet Expo trip that I went to just the past Saturday.

I'll be hollering (with eye power) at my parents in the meantime.

Take care everyone! Will be back soon!

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Peanut said...

Diarrhea? Poor thing. Let us all hope that you have a nice home at least.