Saturday, 23 October 2010

Bark in the Park 2010 (Part 3)

Moving on after the frisbee show we walked around to meet the dogs and see stuff.

Mummy thought these dudes were amazing...basset hounds. All up for adoption. They are long and low too. They sure have super long ears!

Plenty of rescue societies here too. This is just one for Bishons.

So many smells....sniff sniff...peee......

And just so you know, this is the park where they hold Bark in the Park. I love it!

This Canine Cancer Campaign helps to raise funds and awareness in the search for cancer cures and treatments.

We spotted this extra large dog (not too sure what breed though) just chilling and enjoying the outdoors. He has mobility issues but the awesome double harness he is wearing helps the owners bring him about when necessary so he's a happy dog!

And finally we meet Crystal! Frodo wasn't there...look at her eyes. She's just the sweetest thing! Very loving and she was nosing mummy's hands. Cute!

Just a few tents away, mummy spotted a halloween pumpkin costume for dogs. I didn't really like it. The thingy around my neck was fine but the pumpkin hat? That wouldn't stay on my head. Hee...

Then we bumped into more corgis!

This fella reminded me of my bestpal, Dexter! The resemblance is striking isn't it?

And for some embarassing reason, I tried to hump this dude. Hey, can't blame me...there were seriously too many doggie smells wafting through the air. =P

Well, it was a tiring day....i knocked out on the ride back. But it was GREAT!

Until next time folks! *Woof!*

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