Friday, 1 October 2010

Another sleepover visitor!

Last few days, Mummy's ex-collegue and friend came to stay over in my living room. His name is LC and I think he is a great doggy person. I immediately knew that he would be my pal for a few days!

This is how we dog's say hi - butt sniff!

Yep, pawfect arm cave! Nice.

He got all tired...i wanted to play but he knocked out.

*Yawn....* Maybe his little daughter does this to room alot which is why he slept just fine. Amazing.

And on the 3rd night over...he was still knocking out early in the evenings but he did entertain me by throwing the donut a while. And he did walk me once too!

Yepyep! I like having nice dog people visitors over. *bark!*


Laurie said...

Hahaaha love the pics!

Its ME said...

adios benny and human friends