Thursday, 16 September 2010

Yet another doggy day at the doggy park

I love going out to meet new friends! Like this fella, a pug. Mummy still finds them funny.

And there's 2 pugs in the small dog play area. Hee...they are healthy and lean too. Nice.

Well, first things first.

Erm...minor distractor. But I still have to pee. (and yes, i'm making a face)

With that done I shall proceed to take a look around.

Ooo! Interactive small dog!

Toy Poodle...


Think I scared them cos I'm bigger so I hopped on to the large dog play area and yes, i peed in front of the poop bag post.

Time to scout the area!

One big black dog.

Oops...i'm surrounded!

Whereever i went, I was followed. Whereever I peed, it was peed over. boohoo!

Ooo! Brave small dog in big dog area! BARK!!!

Great, i got his attention.

Think I can get his owners' attention too!

Success! Rub a dub dub!

Here's a good looking Golden!

I got his owner's attention too. Hee...

And of course, whilst quenching one's thirst, one should get as much human attention as one can get. =)

Yep, I love the dog park.

Who wouldn't? =)
*click on panorama for larger view*

1 comment:

Trishas Trove said...

Awwww Benny, you're having the time of your life with so many dog parks and outings, aren't you ?
Stay happy, and keep "marking your spot" , haha !