Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Its been a crazy time! The day I got back from the kennel (which was the day after mummy and daddy got back from Greece) I was told something about Fumigation. The next week, some of the apartments started looking covered.

Thought I smelt something funny...

Nice colours don't you think?

These are the fumi-people.

Yawn...i thought it was no big deal. Then....

Mummy said we had to leave for a few days too. Eh???

This was on our door the morning we had to go.

And off to Motel 6 we went! They are a dog friendly motel. The room was big enough and I quickly found my fav sleeping spot.

Slept as much as I could between the long walks Mummy tried to take me on.

Thankfully it was only for 2 nights. Whew, got my space back. =)


Kelly said...

Yuck! That's no fun!

Katie said...

My parents are doing that to the house in a few weeks. Not sure how Im going to like this either, with 1 corgi and 3 cats.