Thursday, 11 June 2009

My moments with Daddy

I still can't get enough of the Alpha-Male in my pack. I find it such a privilege to get personal time with my daddy.

See? I'm watching him...watching him eat chips....YUM!

Ok, so he did scold me once and give me a "Do-Not-Even-Think-About-It" look. =P

Sometimes we play! Here I am with my invitation to Daddy to play.

Right...i forgot to smile...

Not enough..better get up then...

Look cute and wag the fox tail! Yeah! Okay!!!


The play so so so much fun that i knocked out soon after my personal corner.

A good snooze in Benhur's Corner. =)


a corgi said...

you are too cute Benny!! I love your tail (Koda would be jealous so I won't show him your pictures or video). He likes to sleep like you do, right at the edge of our bed, right by my feet.....

I bet you do enjoy time with your Alpha Male!!

have a good weekend


ocmist said...

I love MY Dad, too! I think we all do, but I'm his corgi and get extra attention, like getting to go on road trips with him sometimes.

We all love to sleep on our backs, just like Grandpa Buddy, but Mom makes sure that my Mama OC doesn't sleep by the edge of the bed like that anymore because she accidentally fell off and Mom felt awful so she makes her lay between Dad's and her legs now. BG (Country Corgis)

Trishas Trove said...

Oh Benny ... you're just sooooo cute! Looks like Corgis and Retrievers love sleeping the same way .... haha !!!!!

Puppy on a Roomba said...

I sleeps in the corner like that!

Angela said...

You are such a cute corgi!!! I love the last picture!!! It is priceless!

Its ME said...

Hi benny, how is "mummy" getting on. Rememebr to drink more water, for we need it to generate more energy daily. Glad you are enjoying your stay here.

I wish i was like Pinochio, then one day the fairy can come and turn me into a real boy or girl, then my human-Dad and human-Mum will be very very happy.
How about you Benny?