Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hiking at a Park! Wee! For Fathers' Day!!!

Fathers' Day we went out! Daddy and Mummy and I went to this nice park called Arastradero Park. Uncle M came too cos he needed some sun to help him fight his cold.

Here I am staring at this gigantic Park Ranger truck. Cool eh?

And off we go!

Look what I found! Its the Mother-lode of all dung!!! Wow!!! Isn't it ...impressive???!?!??!?!?!
(Mummy: we kept stumbling into large piles of horse dung along the way. This park is open to equine use too.)

I'm so impressed. Here's a close up!

Here's what most of the scenery looks like... Nice lush open fields... Its full of foxtails though so I wasn't allowed to run through it. Mummy says that the seeds will likely poke my eyes and hurt me.

The start of our hike.

The pause in our hike. =P

We had quite a long uphill walk. I was so tired that I stopped the moment I found shade. Here's me giving Mummy the "Aren't-I-smart?" look.

Eep....squint squint. Its bright.

Looky here! I met a Shiba Inu (i think?) or a german Spitz (maybe?) along the path. We exchanged sniffs and greetings.

His humans were friendly and liked me! They wanted to get a corgi someday...and one with the tail intact too. Heehee!

Further down the path we see a mysterious tree stump. So artistic looking eh?

Yay! Posing with my Daddy!

And posing with my Mummy!

Family portrait!!!

And here's me with Uncle M. =) Hmm...two really goofy looking guys!

Whew. Here's my face away from the wind look. It sure is bright isn't?

Walking with Daddy is wonderful...except when every one else is so far behind! Come on Mummy, hurry up! Alphamale is walking off!

Dum dee dum... just moseying along with Daddy...

Daddy: You looking at me? You looking at me?
Benny: Doh...eh? What? *squint squint*

On the path back, we saw horsies...

we met this ultra-fit cyclist dude 3 whole times (and that is him circling us 3 times obviously)...

Okie dokie...last pose next to the signpost. =)

Hope to do this again soon! Yay!


Alfie's Mum said...

hi there benny / human pack, U all have moved to USA???
My cuz lives in Santa Clara, not far from where U guys are. Was there in Jan to visit her.
Cheers / SK

The Beasts- Royal, Brock, Alki & Iggy said...

Hi-woo! My name is Royal, another dog-blogger. I share my blog with my brothers & sister too. Just wanted to say hi! 2 of our bestest friends are corgis! One has a tail like you & the other has no tail like my brothers.

That looks like a FUN walk!!! And WOW thats a big pile of poo!!!


Its ME said...

Happy Father Day?
When you were born, your father's fatherhood begins as your son ship/daughter ship
commerce until one of you die.

As you learn the things and meaning of existence, you enquire 'why?', 'what is that?', 'why?', what is that?, why?, what is that? patiently he answered and hugged you with his hands and heart.

Though you may not quite learn the history of "Father Day" , as long as your father is alive, your son-ship / daughter-ship sails on. Whatever your experiences with your father may be, just let him know that you are thankful for him in your life and existence here on earth. Just a call to say your heartfelt "thank you for all things" is the best gift any father can receive.

Gratitude is the mother of all virtues in life.

Happy Father Day is just another day to renew and rekindle your son-ship or daughter-ship, till death do we part.

Continue to be happy Benny and be the happy gift to Dadday and Mummy! Woof, woof (that's thank you) keep exchanging sniffs.

Trishas Trove said...

Hellooooooo Benny .. looks like you're having loads of fun and new places to "mark" ... Nice to see that you're healthy and happy :)

ocmist said...

Looks like you had a great time at the Park! Your Mommy is wise not to let you get into an area with foxtails. They can get in your ears and up your nose and between your toes as well... NASTY little things!

Did you get a chance to try the horse apples? WE LOVE them, and we have our own horses to produce fresh ones for us! There ARE rewards in country living!!! OC,BG & Dott

Fathers Day Presents said...


This is so fun

I like this one,,

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